Cyclone System in Nestlé Azores

Cyclone System in Nestlé Azores has successfully passed emission tests!

Jul 2016

Modified Hurricane HR Cyclone Systemin Nestlé Azoreshas successfully passed emission tests!

In 2014, Nestlé - Prolacto in São Miguel - Azores Islands decided to increase production of powder milk and, therefore, changing the drying flowrate from 31,000m3/h to 40,000m3/h. ACS was called to upgrade the existing Hurricane HR cyclones used for final stage dedusting (installed in 2011), as well as the FANs used to extract the air from the Spray Towers passing through the process cyclones and through the final high efficiency cyclones from ACS. The installation of the modifications ended in 2016.

Despite the demanded guarantee being 75mg/Nm3, recent verified emissions at the stack vary between 22 and 36 mg/Nm3, even for the finest powder.

With more recent developments in R&D, ACS is able to assure emissions under 20mg/Nm3for many Spray Drying processes with high efficiency cyclones, thereby avoiding the us of bag filters.