Project & Sales Engineer (PSE)

Advanced Cyclone Systems (ACS) is looking for a Project & Sales Engineer (PSE) - a proactive and versatile professional who gathers outstanding project management and strong commercial skills.
Project Management
Project Management in Advanced Cyclone Systems (ACS) is a critical role that requires different skills and abilities. ACS is requested to solve a wide range of gas solid separation cases from all around the world. These cases vary both in size, from a few processed m3/h to hundreds of thousands of m3/h, and in geography, since ACS has projects in the five continents, and also in complexity, from cases with single cyclones to turnkey solutions with many hundreds of components.

By the time an order is placed, the PSE receives all information from the commercial and technical areas and is requested to plan in detail all activities that the project involves, from engineering to procurement and logistics. They will be responsible for managing all those tasks and guarantee that the milestones are met, while ensuring all internal documents and client deliverables are executed on time.

Although technically assisted by ACS’ technical department, the PSE must be able to design air extraction processes, including fan dimensioning, duct sizing, as well as materials and components selection. After correctly sized and approved, the equipment is drawn by our CAD/Inventor team under the supervision of the PSE and of the COO.

In Portugal, the PSE must negotiate with partner metalworking companies where the main equipment is manufactured under ACS’ detailed drawings and assure quality control.

Technical Sales
The PSE will also be requested to handle sales opportunities aiming to convert them into real projects.

For that function, the SPE needs to quickly learn the customer process and understand / predict his needs.
ACS sales power will emerge from the ability of the PSEs to clearly understand the clients’ requirements, design custom solutions and present differentiated value propositions. If the message is properly conveyed, clients are attracted by the differentiated cyclone solution for their dust emission control or powder recovery challenges.

The central role of the PSE is not only to identify the problem and to explain to potential customers how ACS products will work for them, but to provide confidence and credibility to the presented proposals, prepared with the support of the technical department, and provide exceptional customer service support through every step of the project.

The SPE needs to excel in the English language and have outstanding communications skills, both in the written and oral form, so that they can breakthrough in securing new orders and managing projects for ACS. Human interaction is vital for any transaction in this business, which may start in a trade fair where ACS exhibits, at a conference or during a project kick-off meeting with the client. This may be anywhere in the world, demanding the SPE be available to spend several short periods abroad and be interested in learning how to communicate effectively with people from different countries and cultures.
Becoming part of ACS team
ACS has know-how in a very particular area – gas solid separation with cyclones – and is based in a country without a tradition either in mechanical processes or dedusting.
Most ACS employees did not have concrete experience in cyclone separation and were therefore trained in house. However, all of them had the potential to learn quickly as well as the essential skills and profile to become excellent professionals in their areas.
Nevertheless, to be hired by ACS as a Project & Sales Engineer, the candidate must show a degree of experience in related areas.
Desired Skills and Experience
The most important and critical features of the candidate lie on their soft skills.

ACS especially values energetic people, with initiative, who strive to change things for the better, who are accountable and who not only work well in a team, but who feel comfortable leading teams. 

Additionally, the candidate shall ideally have the following characteristics: 
  • Degree in Engineering.
  • 3 years of professional experience in Technical Sales and/or Project Management.
  • Knowledge in areas as the metalworking, air extraction and dedusting or thermal processes are valued. 
  • Excellent communication and relationship skills in multicultural environments, which are determinant to deal with customers, teammates and suppliers all over the world.
  • Fluency in English. Knowledge of French is also very valued by ACS.
  • Availability to travel abroad. 
What we offer
ACS is a young company with an entrepreneurial spirit, aiming to keep growing consistently in sales and structure. Each employee is determinant for ACS to keep demonstrating the superior value of its solutions worldwide and open new markets.

ACS gives the PSE the opportunity to lead projects that really make the difference, and simultaneously globally promote a technology developed, designed and manufactured in Portugal.

ACS invites the candidate to be part of a company that is already a worldwide reference in its market area.

ACS fosters a positive corporate culture with a strong sense of community.

ACS offers an attractive salary package consistent with the presented experience and an annual premium compensation of up to three salaries.

About Advanced Cyclone Systems S. A. (ACS)
Advanced Cyclone Systems, S. A. (ACS) is exclusively dedicated to the development and commercialization of high efficiency cyclone systems worldwide.
Combining acquired process expertise with years of experience and continuous R&D, ACS solves critical gas solid separation problems, on a daily basis, from all around the world.

Applications include Particulate Matter (PM) Emission Control in boilers, furnaces and dryers and Product (powder) Recovery in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries. 

Products include numerically optimized cyclones unfolding in several families branded as  “Hurricane” and mechanical or electrostatic recirculating cyclones (ReCyclone® Systems).  For any given market application, ACS selects the most suitable of the cyclone technology to compete with other particle separators, such as bag filters or ESPs, with lower investment and maintenance costs.

ACS Vision: To lead the conception and distribution of cyclone systems on a global level, contributing to a healthier environment and to increase clients’ productivity, maintaining high standards of service and quality with qualified and motivated human resources. 

ACS Mission: Maximize particle capture with cyclones, freeing clients from the costs and problems of bag filters. 

ACS is very focused in terms of cyclone technology but highly dispersed in respect to application and geographical scope. 

ACS has currently ongoing projects in all continents and accounts with hundreds of customers worldwide. More than 95 % of its revenues come from exports.
Application Areas
EMISSION CONTROL: Biomass and Coal Boilers, Fuel Oil Boilers, Steel & Ferro-alloys, Clinker Cooler Air Dedusting, Pyrolysis, Incineration & Gasification, Calcination Processes, Glass & Ceramic Furnaces, Air Caption and Dedusting, High Temperature Separation Processes.

POWDER RECOVERY: Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Chemicals, Food Ingredients, Nanoparticles, Mineral Processing, Fertilizers, Catalysts, Milling & Drying Processes.