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Efficient recovery of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), chemical substances or food powders after drying applications such as sprayand fluid bed dryingis frequently a problem. The same problem occurs in many milling and micronization applications.

The preferred way to recover these sensitive and expensive products is with cyclone collectors due to their direct powder capture. Unlike bag filters or wet scrubbers, cyclones minimize filter or product contamination and product cross contamination and can easily handle a wide range of operating temperature, pressure and moisture conditions.
Product losses due to cyclones low efficiency represents a high cost of lower yields. And therefore, when necessary, cyclones have to be complemented with expensive specialized bag filters or wet scrubbers to increase yield or to avoid emissions to the atmosphere.

Client's needs include a cyclone system that dramatically increases powder yield, is easy and fast to clean and is efficient enough to comply with regulatory PM limits, thus avoiding the use of a bag filter. In several processes the fraction of product escaping to the bag filter is not considered as first grade product, and therefore considered a loss.
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