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Product Recovery
Efficient recovery of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) or final product formulations (FPFs) after a spray dryer can be quite challenging, depending on the particle size. The same problem occurs in many milling, micronization and tablet pressing applications.

The preferred way to recover these sensitive and expensive products is with cyclone collectors due to their direct and sanitary powder capture. Unlike bag filters or wet scrubbers, cyclones minimize filter or product contamination and product cross contamination and can easily handle a wide range of operating temperature, pressure and moisture conditions.

Product losses due to cyclones' low efficiency represent a high cost. Cyclones need to be complemented with expensive second and third stage filters that do not allow for product recovery. Even for a few applications where the losses may not be so costly (less expensive products), they are not environmentally and socially responsible, with waste management being an additional problem to tackle.
The Client needs a cyclone system that maximizes powder yield, and is also easy and fast to clean and disinfect to allow for fast batch turnover. 

ACS solutions for high efficiency cyclones dramatically reduce losses and achieve great efficiency, even for very fine inhalable products. These can be equipped with state-of-the-art CIP, insulation and heat tracing. All models are tailor optimized and designed by our team to meet the client's requirements for each installation.

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