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Product Recovery
Efficient recovery of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), chemical substances and food powders after drying applications such as spray and fluid bed drying is frequently a problem. The same problem occurs in many milling and micronization applications.  

To recover these sensible products, cyclone collectors are frequently irreplaceable equipments for allowing a direct powder capture and avoiding product holdup of filters. Cyclones also avoid contamination of filter bags, product cross contamination and product degradation with temperature. However, product losses due to cyclones' low efficiency represents a high cost as a consequence of the value of particles.

Where applicable, cyclones have to be complemented with specialized bag filters to increase yield or to avoid emissions to the atmosphere. These filters are usually associated with difficult cleaning and downtime.  

Client's needs include a cyclone system which dramatically increases powder yield and is efficient enough to comply with regulatory PM limits, thus avoiding the use of a bag filter.